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Conducting a Fargo criminal record check is important for safety and even asset protection. It helps identify individuals with a history of violent or criminal behavior.
Various techniques – from public and private records to online databases – can be used to perform these checks. Each approach has benefits and drawbacks, so your preference should align with your requirements.

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Cass County Criminal Records

Criminal Record Tools In Fargo ND

Fargo Police Department
105 25th St N, Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 235-4493
Police Records and Data

Judicial District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
211 9th St Fargo, ND 58103
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On Location Search – Yes

Cass County Law Enforcement Center
1612 23rd Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 241-5800
Inmate Search
Sex Offender Database

Fargo City Municipal Court
402 Northern Pacific Ave #4838, Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 241-1316

Fargo Court Records

One can explore an individual’s Fargo criminal history utilizing court records. To access these, approach the court system where the individual faced conviction.

Fargo Police Records

To inspect somebody’s Fargo police records, check with the local police department. Provide the individual’s name and birthday, stating your reason for the query. The department will subsequently furnish a list of arrests and possible other documents.

Arrest Info

Several resources are available to unearth somebody’s arrest records. The local Fargo sheriff’s department is an excellent starting point; you can request records online or in person based on the department’s policies.

Inmate Info

Obtaining Fargo inmate records might require some diligence. Start with the state’s Department of Corrections website – a reliable state prison inmate information source. Remember that every state has its unique website, so focus on the specific state where the person did or is currently doing time.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Fargo ND, also known as petty criminal offenses or violations, represent minor offenses. Punishments generally consist of fines, seldom causing jail time.


Comparing felonies and misdemeanors depends on possible incarceration periods. While Fargo misdemeanors are less grave than felonies and frequently lead to fines or county jail terms under a year, felonies might sustain state sentences surpassing one year. Misdemeanors typically see trial in county courts, whereas felonies are resolved in superior courts.

Fargo Felony Records

There could be myriad reasons to probe someone’s Fargo felony records, whether for a background check or curiosity about somebody’s past. To get hold of someone’s felony history, work with the county courthouse where the conviction happened.

Registries For Fargo Sexual Offenders

For information on registered Fargo sex offenders, the National Sex Offender Public Website and respective state police websites are dependable resources. Both platforms enable searches within specific localities for registered sex offenders. In addition, local police departments or sheriff’s offices might be maintaining their own sex offender registries.

Fargo Dui And Dwi Cases

A Fargo DUI conviction usually appears on one’s driving record. Depending upon the state of issuance, this record might stick around for 7-10 years.