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A Cass County inmate record details arrests and/or convictions for which the inmate has been detained.
It also provides their sentence and other data pertinent to their confinement that will assist law enforcement agencies in investigating crime.

North Dakota Inmate Search (ND Statewide Lookup Tools)

Cass County Resources.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO Inmate Search)
1612 23rd Ave. N. Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 241-5800
Inmate Search

Judicial District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
211 9th St Fargo, ND 58103
On Location Search – Yes

Cass County ND Jail
450 34th St South, Fargo, ND 58103

West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC)
919 8th Ave. N. Moorhead, MN 56561
Phone: 218-299-5150

Cass County Inmate Search Online

Look up inmate information on government websites, privately owned websites, or use a search engine like Google when doing a Cass County inmate search.

North Dakota State Prison VS Cass County Jail

People are often held in jail if they have recently been arrested or are awaiting trial. Jails are typically managed by the county Sheriff’s Office, whereas prisons are managed by federal or state entities. Because Cass County jails are often smaller than prisons, they are unable to provide the same educational possibilities, job training, and recreation activities as North Dakota prisons.

North Dakota Prison Inmate Search

There is a way to find out if someone is incarcerated in a North Dakota prison. One approach would be to contact the state prison and inquire if the suspect is imprisoned there.
Another option is to search public records, which may contain information about a person’s criminal background.
Finally, most states maintain online inmate databases that may be used with a person’s name or other identifying information.

Cass County Jail Inmate Search

There are several options available to assist you in locating someone who is incarcerated in a Cass County jail.
You can conduct a web search, call local law enforcement, or go to the jail in person. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, so you must decide which best meets your requirements.
Online databases are frequently the best and quickest approach to locating someone in jail. Typically, you can search for someone by their name, race, gender, and location.

Cass County Mugshots

Cass County mugshots are photographs of people who have been arrested. They are taken during an arrest and depict the person’s face, name, and the offence. County jail mugshots are considered public documents in almost all jurisdictions. In most circumstances, they can be found online.

Cass County Jail Log

Cass County jail logs are primarily used by law enforcement authorities to track the arrivals and departures of detainees in their custody. When trying to piece together the events surrounding a crime, investigators and prosecutors might use the material in a jail record.

Cass County Jail Roster

All current inmates in a correctional facility are included on the Cass County jail roster. It is best to check the jail roster to discover if an inmate is currently incarcerated. In most situations, the jail roster can be accessed on the sheriff’s department website.