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Burleigh County inmate records contain an inmate’s criminal history, present status, and location. This data is essential for law enforcement and the public because they allow them to track inmates and guarantee that they are treated fairly. There are several ways to obtain inmate records, but the most common is through online databases.

ND Inmate Search (ND Statewide Lookup Tools)

Burleigh County Resources.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department (BCSD Inmate Search)
514 E Thayer Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 222-6651
Inmate Search

Judicial District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
514 East Thayer Ave Bismarck, ND 58502
On Location Search – Yes

Burleigh County ND Detention Center
514 E Thayer Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501

Missouri River Correctional Center
1800 48th Avenue S.W. Bismarck, ND 58506

Bismarck Transition Center
2001 Lee Ave Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 222-3440

North Dakota State Penitentiary
3100 Railroad Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 328-6100

Burleigh County Inmate Search Online

Because there are several websites that offer searchable databases of inmates, the internet is frequently the greatest resource for finding inmates’ information. To do a Burleigh County inmate search, you need to know their full name and birth date. After you’ve obtained all the necessary information, look for a website that provides jail or prison records.

North Dakota State Prison VS Burleigh County Jail

The phrases “prison” and “jail” are sometimes used interchangeably. There are, nevertheless, significant distinctions between them. For starters, counties run jails, whereas the state or federal government runs prisons.
Inmates awaiting trial or sentenced to one year or less are housed in a Burleigh County jail. North Dakota prisons, on the other hand, are intended for criminals who have been found guilty in more serious instances and will be serving longer sentences.

North Dakota Prison Inmate Search

There is a way to find out if someone is incarcerated in a North Dakota prison. The simplest method is to search the inmate database on the website of the state Department of Corrections. If the individual you’re looking for is in a state prison, their name and other information should be displayed there.

Burleigh County Jail Inmate Search

There are a couple of methods for finding someone in a  Burleigh County jail. To obtain information about an inmate, you can contact the jail directly. The public can also use an online search engine, such as the one provided by the sheriff or police, or employ a private investigator.

Burleigh County Mugshots

Burleigh County mugshots are photographs of people who have been arrested and are being held in county jails. They are frequently taken by police when someone is arrested and become part of the person’s criminal record.
The police can utilize mugshots to help identify suspects, and the public can assist them in identifying criminals. Mugshots are also used by the media to cover crimes, and people might use them to id people.

Burleigh County Jail Log

Burleigh County jail logs are available on the websites of local sheriffs and police departments. The internet is usually the best way to obtain a copy. If you can’t find the jail log you’re looking for, contact the sheriff’s office or your local police department.

Burleigh County Jail Roster

In many jurisdictions, Burleigh County jail rosters are considered public records and are frequently available for public inspection.